About us

We are an artisanal manufacture, producing vegan equivalents of first-rate traditional cheeses. We create them using the finest, natural ingredients, such as cashews, coconut oil or soybeans. Moreover, all our products contain pro-health bacterial cultures.

Our cheezes are made with artistic flair and have their own personality. We create distinctive flavours by reaching for sophisticated combinations of spices and superfoods. We care about the beautiful appearance of each piece and want you to feel not only the overpowering taste of umami, but also a true euphoria and delight when consuming our products - as in contact with the work of art of the highest quality.

Regardless of whether you follow a plant-based diet, are lactose intolerant or choose not to consume dairy for ethical reasons, we prove there is no need to give up on the traditional, flavoursome taste you enjoyed back in the day.